Within these pages you will find as much of our MILLWARD/JOHNSON genealogy as we have been able to "unearth" since 1995.

Here are two links to the combined family tree and the database sheets .......

The family group sheets
These contain basic information about all people in the full tree and linked indexes by surname initial/surname on the opening pages. The individual pages contain family groupings such as the spouse(s), parents and children of any individual.
I suggest using this link first to find people and names which may be of interest and then using the full tree to see more detail.

The full tree
This is an interactive tree which also contains Notes on non-living persons including addresses where known. The Notes are in the small box which appears on each page. Apologies for the poor text formatting.
Once the database is loaded, you can go off-line and continue your interactive search of the tree. The files which download have been tested for viruses using AVG software.
There are some persons in the database who are not yet positively known to belong to the main tree.Their surnames are in lower case and they have separate mini-trees of their own on the page. They are not linked to the known members of our families but can be located from the name index.